Day 9 – NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo – ‘You Have The Universe Within’

 – You Have The Universe Within –


When you catch yourself

drawning in sorrow,


there’s always tomorrow,

and when tomorrow comes,

tell yourself

that the beginning is always today

to do

the little things that


failed to achieve yesterday

everything is going to be


Start small,

Small things will grow

it’s okay not to be okay,

it’s okay if you’re feeling low

but don’t surrender

to the pain,

and no matter how big your fear is,

have courage,

for you have the universe within.




(Illustration belongs to Henn Kim]


Day 8 – NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo – Magic


I love Books because

books are magic

and I pity those who don’t read,

for their lives

must be tragic.


The gate of magic opens up

as I hold a book in my hand

and that’s a glorious place

only readers understand.


Books take me places I’ve never been,

make me see things I’ve never seen,

I get lost in the pages

and words guide me home,

I dream with my eyes wide open

I thrive through the lines,

I laugh and I cry,

and I live different lives,

and I learn how to survive

the ups and downs

and the uncertainty

of every other day,

‘Books are safer than

other people



(Illustration by Henn Kim)

Day 7 – NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo – It’s me..and I

It’s me, and I

I live inside my head way too much,

So forgive me when I say

I’m sorry

Until the words lose their meaning

and trust me,

I’m listening, I’m with you

even when the voices are screaming..


and if I zoned out

don’t worry,

I’m only daydreaming,

And I’ll feel guilty afterwards,

for the headache I’ve given you

and the unspoken words

will haunt me

and torture me

It’s not you, it’s never you

it’s me, and I

and my social anxiety,

keeping me from telling you

that I treasure your company,

I just don’t want you

to end up hating me,

I wonder if I’ll ever be,

able to make you

want me.

I’m sorry,

for I am a prisoner of my own mind,

You’d want to stay

if you could see

what I have inside.


(Illustration by Henn Kim)

Day 6 – NaPoWriMo/ GloPoWriMo – ‘Days Like Today’

 – Days like today – 

There are days when

you can move mountains

you rise

you shine and


in the face of what frightens



And there are days,

like today


you can’t go

any where,


the biggest achievement of the day


stepping out of  bed,

so you lay down

in agony,

you know it’s in your head,

but you don’t bear the pain that comes along

it crawls into your joints

and spreads


within your bones

and you can feel it in your veins,

numbness and emptiness collide

and they

found home inside

of your body

and it doesn’t feel


your body



it’s a shell,

get well..



[Illustration by Henn Kim]


Day 5 – GloPoWriMo/NaPoWriMo ‘Life’


Time heals every wound

Let the healing begin

Throughout this journey

I contemplate life.

Nothing stays the same

Every scar traces a memory

In the dark, dim and light they spark

Reminding me that everything is temporary.

c521752843b24558779174ebd42b6477--illustration-design-henn-kim-illustration (1).jpg

(Picture belongs to Henn Kim, this is my inspiration photo for today’s prompt)

Here’s the original poem, the inspiration behind today’s poem:

서 시
윤 동 주

죽는 날까지 하늘을 우러러
한 점 부끄럼이 없기를
잎새에 이는 바람에도
나는 괴로워 했다.
별을 노래하는 마음으로
모든 죽어 가는 것을 사랑해야지
그리고 나한테 주어진 길을
오늘밤에도 별이 바람에 스치운다.


Day 4 – NaPoWriMo – Don’t Force It

Don’t Force It..


Don’t worry

you’ll never fit in

the mold.

You’ve been told

to wear something nice,

to dress like a lady

to fix your hair

to fix your teeth

to fix your brain,

to stop dreaming

in vain..


See, dreams keep me sane

and I’m done trying to


I am a mess,

so don’t force it in..

‘why fit in

when you were

born to stand out’


(The picture belongs to Henn Kim)